Dialogue 1
Discuss the means of transport in the pictures (a car, a bicycle, a motorcycle, bus) and choose the best one for a young man living in the city

A Ц In this picture we can see four means of city transport: a car, a bicycle, a motorcycle and a bus.
B Ц Yes, you are quite right. As for the first of them, the car, I think, it has a lot of advantages: it is the most comfortable, the fastest, and so, the most convenient. What do you think of the car?
A Ц As for me, IТm not quite sure about the car. IsnТt it the most expensive?
B Ц Maybe, but though the bicycles are the cheapest, very few people use them because they are the most uncomfortable!
A Ц I canТt but agree with you about the bicycles and would add that they can be rather dangerous.
B Ц I donТt think they are more dangerous than motorcycles- young men ride them on a very high speed and there are a lot of accidents with bikers.
A Ц OK, what about the bus. Would you agree it is the safest means of transport?
B Ц Certainly it is but it is not fast, it is so annoying to be stuck in a traffic jam sitting in a bus!
A Ц Shall we agree or Е?
B Ц Well, I think we should not argue because it depends on the person.
A Ц Still, I will object to bicycles and motorcycles.