Topic «Ecology»
Discuss the pictures and choose the best way to preserve endangered animals

A – In this picture we can see such endangered animals as dolphins and turtles.
B – Yes, you are quite right saying that they are endangered. As for me, I’m not quite sure why they are endangered. Do you know why?
A – Yes, you see, dolphins are poisoned by chemical and radioactive wastes damped into the seas and oceans. These animals are very sociable, they aspire to communicate with people, and poachers make use of their trustfulness. They catch the dolphins and sell them to the aqua circuses and for researches.
B – It is horrible!
A – You are quite right; there are a lot of scoundrels who think only about their profit.
B – And what turtles are concerned, they are hunted for their meat and for their tests.
A – Tests? What are their tests for?
B – Buttons, combs and slides are made from the turtles’ tests.
A – It’s disgusting!  
B – I feel the same. So, what can be done to save those animals? What do you think is the best way to preserve dolphins and turtles?

A – Hunting for dolphins and turtles should be forbidden.  And the laws should be severer to poachers.
B - I can’t but agree with you. I would add that some islands, the turtles’ breeding territories, should become reserves.