Everyday Conversations

1. -What’s your name?      
- My name is Jhen.

2. - What’s your surname?
- My surname is Surikova

3. -How old are you?                             
- I’m 20 years old.   

4.- Where are you from?
-I’m from Tomsk.

5. -Are you married or single?              
-I’m single. And you?                            

6. -What do you do?
- I’m a student. And what about you?
- I’m a student too. / I work as a teacher.

7.- Can you cook?                                 
- Yes, certainly.                                       

8. .- Can you drive a car?  
–No, I can’t. And you?                           

9.- What’s your favourite group?         
-I haven’t got a favourite group.(I don’t like pop music.)

10.- Do you love reading?
– Frankly speaking, not very much. And what about you?

11.- What’s your hobby?                            
- I don’t have a hobby. (Sport. / Growing home plants./Travelling. / Photography.)

12.- Do you often go out?
- O, no. I would say so.

13.- Have you got a favourite writer?              
- Yes, my  favourite writer is…                  .                                        

14.- What kind of music do you like?
- Jazz and classical music

15.- Do you like going shopping?                   
- O, that’s my favourite thing to do.                 

16.- What are you ken on?
-Riding a bike and listening to rock  music.

17.- Do you like going to the cinema?       
- Yes, I do.                                                    

18.- What are your favourite colours?
- Yellow and green.

19.- Do you play sports?                           
- Sometimes.  And you?                                   

20. - Are you fond of art?   
- Yes, I’m fond of impressionists.