Topic « Holidays»
Dialogue 1
Discuss the places in the pictures and choose one you would go for a holiday together

A – In the first picture we can see a café at the seaside. Judging by the landscape it can be Mediterranean Sea or the Black Sea. Have you ever been to such a place?
B – No, I haven’t. But I want very much to spend a holiday in such a place. It is a dream of my life to swim in a hot sea, to sunbathe on the beach with white sand…
A – It sounds fantastic! But such places are usually very touristy. I can’t stand 
B – Any place can be crowded. It’s a small world, as they say.
A – If the weather is bad, what shall we do? There is nothing to do if it rains at the seaside, the holidays can be spoilt.
B – I can’t but agree with you. Let’s, discuss the place in the second picture.
A – It is an oriental temple but I can’t define whether it is   a Chinese, Japanese o Vietnamese temple.
B – Neither can I. It doesn’t make a big difference. I would not go to Japan, it’s too small, there are too many cities and little wild nature that I love, I think.
A – I join your opinion about Japan and would add that I won’t be able to see much difference between Japan and Vietnam. Isn’t it funny?
B – Moreover, the climate is rather humid in these southern countries of Asia. I can’t stand humidity.
A – The best will be to go to New York: there is everything: a lot of sights, people from different parts of the world. Do you think there are beaches with white sand?
B – You’ve said there is everything and I would share your opinion.