Dialogue 1

A - What can you see in this picture?
B – In this picture I can see a kitchen in a rustic style.
A –Why do you think it is a kitchen and it is in a rustic style? I think it is a dining room, we can’t see a cooker or a stove here.
B –Probably, it is a dining room but I am sure it is a kitchen and we can see only a part of it.
A –OK, I won’t ague with you, it is not very important. Let’s discuss the furniture better. Can you explain what rustic style is?
B – With pleasure. Rustic style is natural, rough and simple, associated with countryside.
A – Oh, I see now. Look, the chairs are wicker, the sideboard is very simple. What do you think about this room? Do you like it?
B - Yes, I like its colours, they are so warm, and the room is light and airy. Would you like to have such a kitchen?
A- I’m not sure; I’d better have a kitchen in a techno style.
B – Techno? Really? It is so cold with all its metal decorations and so impersonal.
A – But I like it.  It is very up- to- date and fashionable.
B – Tastes differ. - That is about us.
A - …………