Dialogue 2

A –Let’s discuss the rooms and choose which one we will rent. I like this one better. It is cosy and very light; you know I can’t stand dark rooms.
B – Well, I also like this room but where are you going to do your homework? I can’t see any desks or tables!
A – I completely agree with you, but I can do my homework on the floor, you know I can’t sit at the table for long. And you can do you homework on this original table.
B – A table!  It is just a wicker box!
A - I can’t but agree with you, but the stand is superb- we can keep here all our books, papers and handouts.
B –OK, I will think a little bit about it. Let’s speak about the second room. I like it more – there is a table and two wonderful wall lamps above it!
A – I see, there are even two tables and also a stand for our things. Which room would you like to rent?
B – The second, as you can guess.
A – All right, for me it doesn’t make a great difference. So, we’ll rent the second one.