Dialogue 3

A –Let’s discuss the houses and choose one we will rent. As far as I can see, in the first picture there is a terraced house.
B – Yes, you right. I know that the flats there are rather small and some of them don’t have bathrooms.
A –I also know about this disadvantage of the terraced houses and because of it this type of dwelling won’t suit us. Do you agree with me?
B – I completely agree with you, though such houses are usually rather chip. What is your opinion of the block of flats?
A – It can be the best variant as we both are accustomed to this type of accommodation. But let’s discuss all potions.
B –OK, look, it’s a cottage, a real English cottage! I would like to spend some time living in such a fairy –tale house! It is exotic for me!
A – I share your interest, but not all cottages are modernized and living without all modern conveniences during a year can ruin any fairy-tale!
B – You are so unromantic! Don’t get offended, I’m kidding.
A – All right, for me this semi –detached house would be as good as a flat in a multistoried block of flats.
B – I can’t but join your opinion and would add that we will have less noisy neighbours than in a block of flats.
A - Well, the last option is a bungalow. We will have a lot of privacy but it will cost more, I think.
B – As far as know, bungalows are mostly for big families or retired people. It will be boring.
A – As for me, I’m not against good neighbours, as want to choose a block of flats. What do you want to rent?
B – Certainly, a flat.