Dialogue 1

A - Whom can you see in this picture?
B – In this picture I can see three people. I think they are a father, a mother and their son.
A – I agree with you, they are at home, sitting at table in the kitchen or in the dining room.
B –Look, on the wall there is a clock, it’s 11 o’clock, so I suppose the family  are having tea.
A – Probably, it is Saturday or Sunday morning and the parents aren’t at work and the boy isn’t at school at this time.
B - Why do you think the boy is reading a book? They say, it isn’t a good habit to read at table.
A – I completely agree with you, but here, as far as I can see, the boy is rather small and he is learning to read aloud and his parents are listening to him.
B – I can’t but agree with you, and I would add that on week days the parents don’t have time to help their son in learning.
A – Jhon, did your parents help you in learning when you were at school?
B - Yes, when I was at primary school. I was not very good at maths. Do you  think that…