Dialogue 2

A - Whom can you see in this picture?
B – In this picture I can see a man and a woman sitting at table in a restaurant. They are going to have dinner. Hm, I don’t think they are spouses. They look as if they are having a date.
A – I would join your opinion. I cannot see wedding rings on their hands.They are smartly dressed; they are looking at each with tenderness and love. How old do you think they are?
B – Probably, the man is 40 and the woman is in her mid or early thirties.
A – I can be mistaken, but they don’t look like people having an affair, the man could be divorced.
B – Yes, and now he has found a new partner. They look very happy.       
A – I completely agree with you and I would add that he will probably propose to her today.
B –Lena, at what age would you like to get married?
A – I reckon, not earlier than I graduate from college. And you?