Model A.

- What's your full name?

- My full name is Ivanov Alexander Petrovich. Ivanov is my surname (family name). Alexander (Alex for short) is my Christian (first, personal) name. Petrovich is my patronimic. Call me Alex by my first name.

Susan - Susy Elizabeth - Bethy, Liz Doroth – Dot || Robert – Bob, Richard - Dick Patric - Pat

Model B:

- Where do you live?

- I live at number 15, Pushkin street.

- What's your address?

- My address is: 15, Pushkin street, Minsk, Belarus, 220089.

- Have you got a telephone? What's your telephone number?

-   It's 253-88-01 (two, five, three, double, eight, o, one).

Model C:

- How old are you? When and where were you born?

- I was born on October 9, 1992, so I'm nearly 18. I come from Brest, Actually I'm Belarusian, though my grandmother was a Pole.

Model D:   

- Have you got a family?

- I'm not married yet and I live in my parents' house.

- What relation is Mrs. Black to you?

- She is my aunt.

- Is Kate any relation to you?

- No, she is a distant relation of mine.

Find out about your groupmates and other people's occupations. Use the following dialogues as models.

Model A:  

- What do you do for a living?

- Actually, I don't work yet. I go to Manchester Business School and study management.

- Why have you chosen management as your future profession?

- Because it's a demanding and prestigious job today.

Model В:   

- What does your friend do?

- Oh, he wants to take up computers.

- Why does he want to study computer programming?

-Well, he lost his job last month and hasn't been able to find another one.

Model C:   

-What's your present job, Sam?

- I work as a personnel manager at a big firm but I want to transfer to the International Sales Division.

- What for?

- Well, I don't really like to work at the cabinet. I just want to travel, to go to Africa or Latin America, for example.

- Hmm, that's exciting.

Model D:  

- What would you like to be, Philip?

- Actually I don't know yet. I think I'd rather be a writer.

- Are there any special reasons for that?

-I see only one: I like to see my name in print.