Dialogue 1

A In this picture I can see a thunderstorm and lightning. It is very dangerous.
B Certainly, you are right, lightning can kill people and animals, and it destroys buildings, burns forests.
A – Do you know how to behave during thunderstorm with lightning?
B – Yes, you shouldn’t stay in the river or lake; hide under high trees or sand in the open place. 
A – In addition to this, if we are at home we should shut the windows and switch off the electric gadgets.
B – In this picture we can see a highway on a very foggy evening. It is also a dangerous type of weather for those who are on the road.
A – You are quite right, there are lot of accidents because of the thick fog as the drivers cannot see the way properly and cars crash into each other.
B – So, the possibility to avoid an accident is to move on a low speed.
A – I can’t but agree with you. What is this? Is it tornado?
B – Yes, it is. Fortunately, here in Siberia, we have no tornadoes.
A – Can you explain why?
B – Yes, you see, tornadoes form over the oceans with hot water, and we live very far from the ocean. And it is the Arctic Ocean, covered with ice fields. 
A - But there are hurricanes in our place. They are also very dangerous, sometimes people are killed.
B – So, the best thing to do in such weather is to go to the cellar or to the basement.