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Конкурс 1

( конкурс Домашнее задание: команды выступают с анекдотами)

We see that you are good at telling anecdotes.

Конкурс 2

How good can you use your mime?

INSTRUCTIONS: You will be given a situation. Your task is to perform this situation in mime manner. The more team members - the better! ( ведущие раздают ситуации командам )

(звучит тихая фоновая музыка )

Situations .

•  Students at the Speaking Exam.

•  Students are carried out a vaccination.

•  Students are having a rest on the open air.

•  Students are congratulating the teachers on the 8 th of March.

5. A student is conducting his first lesson at school.

6. Students simulate an illness to avoid lessons.

7. A group of students is visiting a theater.

8. A physical training lesson at college.

Слово жюри

Ведущий 1: Very good . Now tell us what people usually do on April fools"? (Tell jokes)

Конкурс 3

Ведущий 2: Ok, the next competition is to continue a joke.

INSTRUCTIONS: we'll give you 3 beginnings of the jokes, and you are to make up their endings. Let's start checking your sense of humor!

( фоновая музыка )

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