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игра с залом

- Who wants to take part in this competition? Ok, so I need one person from the audience.

INSTRUCTIONS: We give you a list of actions which you should read and show. All of you ( ведущий обращается к зрителям ) are to show these actions after _____but back to front. Ok, let's start!

  звучит веселая фоновая музыка

Simon says:

•  open your eyes! -----------close

•  don't touch your left ear!--------------------touch

•  don't catch your neighbor's nose!---------------------catch

•  don't sneeze!----------------sneeze

•  whisper your neighbor “I love you!”-----------------cry

•  don't clap your hands 5 times.-----------------------clap

Ведущий 1: Do you like songs? Ok, we have already seen how our teams can joke and pantomime. Now let's see how the sing. We need one team member to participate. ( участники поднимаются на сцену ).

Конкурс 4

INSTRUCTIONS : You will be given a song lyrics “Happy birthday to you!”. toy are to sing this song in different styles. The styles are various. Good luck!

Songs' styles. The song “Happy birthday to you!”- синтезатор

•  pop

•  jazz

•  march

•  techno

•  lambada

•  country

•  rock

•  tango

Ведущий 2: Very good. Do you know what does “tongue-twisters” mean? For out next competition we need one participant from each team.

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