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Действие 3

Действующие лица

Student A

Student B

Harry Potter



Student A: Thanks God! We are at home!

Student B: Wait, what is the date today?

Student A: Today is the 31 st of October! It's Halloween!

Student B: Yeah, today is the time when evil spirits come to the earth and we must get ready for it!

Student A: ( обращается к зрителям ) Oh, I see you are wearing your costumes! But it's not enough to deceive evil spirits. We must be brave, strong, wise and creative! So let's go through some tests. By the way, a special guest has just arrived to our place…

На сцене появляется Гарри Поттер

Harry : Hello everybody ! I ' m Harry Potter . (выскакивают три привидения) Never mind . They are our friends. They are kind ghosts. I'm going to teach you how to make an incantation against evil spirits. Incantation is some magic words which help to fight with witches, ghosts, goblins and monsters. This is my incantation:

In the name of good I say my pray,

Evil spirits go away!

And now you are to make an incantation of these words ( СЛАЙД . на слайде написаны слова : abrah Cadabrah evil devil save )

Участвуют студенты и школьники из зала

Harry: All of you were very successful. However, your ( показывает на победителя ) incantation was the most effective. You are the winners and you get the prize. Very good of you! You have become wiser! And I must go and get ready for the fighting with the evil. Good bye! ( уходит )

Student A: OK, the second test to become stronger and more flexible. You are to bite an apple without the help of your hands.

Участвуют 6 человек, по два в каждой команде. Участникам предлагается откусить как можно больше от яблока, лежащего в тазу с водой

Student A: Well done! All of you get presents! Now we are strong!

Student B: And now one more test to become creative. Now let me represent you the performances prepared by our first year students. “The Haunted House.”

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