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Рождество ( Christmas )

Зал украшен плакатами, флажками, шариками. звучит фоновая новогодняя музыка.

В зале гаснет свет, звучит музыка “ Silent Night ”, из-за кулис на сцену выходит вокальная группа со свечами, поют и уходят за кулисы. Включается свет, выходят ведущие. Во время речи ведущих - слайды презентации (Приложение).

В 1: - “Silent Night” is a very old Christmas song which is almost 200 years old. This song is well-known throughout the world. Today is the 25 th of December – Christmas Day – and our club Enstream begins our celebration with this song.

В 2: - British people celebrate Christmas with big dinners and they usually have much fun. Children play under Christmas trees, find presents in their Christmas stockings, watch pantomimes. And we are going to play games, sing songs and watch pantomimes as well.

B1: - People began to celebrate Christmas many, many years ago. And during hundreds years before Christmas people place the evergreen tree in their homes. Children decorate it with tinsel, toys, shining balls and place a shining star at the top of the Christmas tree. Children also make small flags. They also sing Merry Christmas song “Deck the Halls”

Вокальная группа выходит из-за кулис и поет песню ” Deck the Halls ”.

В 2: - Dear friends, as you can see, we have also decorated our hall with posters, flags, tinsels and Christmas tree. But look! Who is missing?

В зале выкрики : “Santa Claus! Santa Claus !” Из входных дверей доносится:” Ho - ho - ho !” Из зала кричат : “Santa Claus is coming! Santa is here!” Санта Клаус выходит на сцену и говорит:

SC : - Merry Christmas , dear friends ! Merry Christmas! Glad to see you! I've brought you a lot of presents!

B1: - Dear Santa, we are glad you are with us. Sit down , please .

Санта Клаус садится на стул на сцене .

B1: - Dear friends, let's show Santa what we know about Christmas. We suggest you to take part in our Christmas quiz. Those who are active will get presents from Santa Claus.

Студент-ведущий : – викторина. тот, кто отвечает, подняв руку, получает фишку. По окончанию викторины эти студенты выходят на сцену и Санта Клаус им дарит маленькие подарки.

SC: - Thank you, boys and girls! Now, solve a riddle, dear guests! What do snowmen eat for breakfast? (Snowflakes)

B1: - The main heroine of Christmas is, certainly, Christmas tree. We also have a beautiful Christmas tree. You see, it's decorated with original things. These are Christmas predictions. When our performance is over, each person, student, teacher or guest will take a prediction for himself.

B 2: - There are a lot of songs devoted to Christmas tree, but our favourite is the one our students sing every year – “Christmas Tree”

Песня “Christmas tree” ( Поют все ) 

B 1: - As for me, “Christmas Tree” is my favourite song, it's so beautiful.

B 2: - Yes, I completely agree with you. But there are many other fascinating things on Christmas.

B 1: - What do you mean?

B 2: - Pantomimes. Pantomimes performed by children is also a tradition on Christmas. “Snow White” is a very old fairy tale. Children all over the world love it, watch it every year. Now, you will see “Snow White” performed by the students of Drama Club.

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