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Fairy Tale

"Prince Frog"


Prince Frog (a handsome boy)

Princess (a capricious girl)

Father King (a calm and kind but a strict father)

2-3 Maidens/Servants


pond, trees of the park, dinner-table in the palace,

bedroom of the princes

Scene 1

In the park, near the pond

(The Princess is playing her golden ball with maiden servants. They are throwing the ball to each other, the ball falls into the pond. The girls try to pick the ball out of the pond but they cannot do it.)

Princess (sitting down on the bank and crying)--I shall never see my beautiful golden ball again! What shall I play with? Oh, how I pity my favourite ball!

Frog: -What's the matter, little princess? Why are you crying?

Princess: -Oh, what do you want, you ugly, old frog? I've lost my beautiful golden ball for ever, because it's fallen in the pond.

Frog: Don't cry, little princess. I can easily find it for you.

Princess: -Really? Than do it, do it quickly!

Frog: What will you give me if I do it for you?

Princess: I will give you all my dresses and my toys!

Frog: Thank you, but I don't need your dresses and toys! Can I be your friend, sit near you at the palace table, eat from your golden plate, drink from your golden cup and sleep near you in your lovely bed?

Princess: (addressing to her Maids) - What shall I do?

Maid 1: Oh, Princess, promise him anything he is asking for.

Maid 2: Yes, because he can't go to the palace and live there.

(The Maids giggle)

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