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B 1: - And now, you may take part in our competitions "Snow balls" and "Snow flakes" We'll begin with "Snow balls"

Проводятся конкурсы:

1. Snow balls

2. Snow flakes - Санта Клаус вручает подарки участникам.

B 2: - And now, I think it's time to sing the most famous Christmas song "Jingle Bells"

Выходит вокальная группа. Поют все.

B 1: - Do you know there are a lot of superstitions about Christmas customs? Can you guess if one is good or bad?

•  "They say on Christmas Eve all animals can speak" (-)

B 1: - If you hear them speak - is it a good or bad luck?

•  "Eat plum pudding on Christmas" (+)

•  "Place shoes by side on Christmas Eve" (+)

•  "Eat an apple on Christmas Eve" (+)

•  "Wearing new shoes on Christmas Day" (-)

B 1: - Remember these superstitions and be happy on Christmas and New Year!

B 2: - You all know about famous English humour. Its particular quality is that Englishmen laugh at themselves. And even Christmas can be a theme for jokes.

B 2 tells a joke : - when I was a kid our Christmases were very poor. We couldn't afford tinsel. We had to wait for grandpa to sneeze.

Конкурс "Stylist for Father Christmas and Snegurochka"

Выходят два человека с завязанными глазами, на магнитной доске «одевают» Father Christmas и Snegurochka .


B 1: - What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus? ( Гости предлагают )

B 2: - Claustrophobic.

B 2: - Christmas and New Year are almost similar. Scottish people celebrate Hogmany - a New Year's Eve. Their song "Auld Lang Syne" is also very popular. Let's sing it all together.

Песня. Вокальная группа поет песню на сцене, держась за руки.

B 1: - Our party is coming to an end. But, Christmas is going on. So, let's wish each other a Merry Christmas and sing this song!

Песня " We wish you a Merry Christmas " Вокальная группа выходит на сцену, поют все

B 2: - Please, take a prediction from Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!

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