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Young girl

Young guy

Blind girl, prisoner's daughter

guard 1

guard 2


выходят юноша и девушка, на коленях просят жестами поженить их.

P riest: My daughter, my son! I declare you husband and wife!

Музыка Мендельсона . Вбегает стражники .

guard 2 .Priest, you have been discovered and condemned to death!

guard 1 To prison! To the Tower!! Уводят в тюрьму.

Священник в тюрьме читает Библию. Появляется blind girl and a prisoner.

Prisoner -This is my daughter. She is blind. She will probably never see the sun, the sky.

Priest: I'll help her by working a miracle!

Blind girl, prisoner's daughter: Oh, I can see! I can see the son, I can see the sky! It's a miracle! Thank you, thank you!!

Priest: Unfortunately, tomorrow on February 14 th I will have to die. But I am to tell everybody on Earth : "I love you! I'm your Valentine!"

( Романтическая музыка . Выходят оба ведущих )

Ведущий 1: Just before his death on February 14 th her a letter signed "From

Ведущий 2: And since those times people declared February 14 th St. Valentine's Day. On February 14 th millions of people will receive Valentine cards -paper or

Ведущий 1 electronic, sentimental or comic, in verse or in prose.

Ведущий 2 Traditionally, Valentine's cards are decorated with hearts, Cupids, flowers and other symbols of love. And do you know any symbols of love? Let's have a competition! We need 3

Ведущий 1 students from each faculty and 1 guest. (СЛАЙД 4)

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