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Сказка "Snow White"

Snow White


Author: Once upon a time, on a cold winter day, as the snowflakes were falling softly and swiftly, a Queen sat by her window.

Queen: (sewing and looking in the window, pricks her finger and the drops of blood fall on the sewing)-Oh, how beautiful! O how I wish I could have a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and as back as ebony.

Author: Some time later the Queen had a child whose skin was as white as snow, whose cheeks were bright red and whose hair was as back as ebony. The Queen called her little girl Snow White. Soon after her child was born the Queen died. A year later the King married again.

The New Queen ( gazing at her reflection ) :

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Among the ladies in this land,

Who is the fairest of all ?

Mirror: Thou O Queen , art the fairest of all!

(The New Queen is very pleased. Snow White passes the stage)

The New Queen ( gazing at her reflection ):

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Among the ladies in this land,

Who is the fairest of all?

Mirror: Among the grown-up ladies tall,

Thou, O Queen, are the fairest of all.

Yet the truth I must speak

And so I do vow,

That the child Snow White is more

Lovely than thou.

(The New Queen is shocked and angry). She tells to the Hunter:

The New Queen: Hunter, take this child away, deep into the forest and kill her, for I can no longer bear the sight of her.

The Hunter takes Snow White by the hand and leads her far into the forest, draws out his knife to kill SW, the girl weeps and begs him:

Snow White: Please, do not kill me. I will go into the forest and I promise never to try to return home again.

The Hunter: Run away then, my poor child. The wild beasts will devour you.

[Snow White runs off into the forest. She does not know which way to go.]

Author: When Snow White was ready to fall down with weariness, she came to a little cottage.

[Snow White knocks on the door, there is no reply. She tries the door, it opens and she comes in. On the table there are seven plates, etc. Snow White eats a little from each plate and drinks a little from each glass. She tries six beds and falls asleep in the seventh bed.]

Author: The cottage belonged to seven dwarfs, who returned home from work. They spent all day in the mountains digging the gold and diamonds.

[Seven dwarfs came to the table]

1 st DW: Who has been sitting in my chair?

2 nd DW : Who has been eating from my plate?

3d DW: Who has been eating my bread?

4 th DW: Who has been eating my vegetables?

5 th DW: Who has been using my knife?

6 t DW: Who has been using my using my fork?

7 th DW: Who has been using my out of my glass?

[The dwarfs went to their beds. They looked at their beds and cried all together]

1 st -6 th DW: Who has been lying in my bed?

7 th DW: Look! Who's in my bed?

1 st , 2 nd DW: [exclaim]- What a beautiful child!

3d, 4 th DW: [say in a whisper] - What a beautiful child!

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